OpenStack 101: What is OpenStack?

This post series is meant to be a summary of what openstack is, and how it can be used as a tool to increase productivity. The context, or reason, for »

OpenStack Horizon with NGINX + uWSGI

To my knowledge the most frequent way of deploying OpenStack's Horizon django application is via apache, and modwsgi. I think this is primarily because in the early days of devstack »


Every year or so I get interested in a new general area of knowledge/information. The next area of interest/focus that I'm interested in is data visualization / interactive art »


Earlier this year I made a trivial web application in ~15 minutes that uses Twillio to send me a text message every evening at 8pm that asks "How did you »

Playing with Go and randomness

A long time ago I created a cointosser application that would do something like 10,000 coin flips via which was sort of slow. I thought it might »

Cloud Config Apt Cacher

Setting up an apt-cacher is easy, and so is injecting the apt_proxy attribute to cloudconfig so you can use it in instances: #cloud-config apt_proxy: http://192.168.1 »

Rackspace is not OpenStack

When developing tools that depend on relatively useful IaaS APIs it becomes blatantly obvious which providers fail to provide the necessary APIs to perform the fundamental tasks required to build »

CloudEnvy: Development in the cloud!

For the last few years I've been working on OpenStack, and one of the aspirations many of us in the community have had from the beginning was to actually be »