Keeping my ghost blog in sync with instagram

For the last few years I've been taking photos of my daily life and posting them on instagram. And for the last year and a halfish I've been using as a backend for my blog. One of the major things that I thought was missing and really wanted to setup was cross posting from instagram on my personal blog. This includes grabbing the source images via the instagram API, storing them in S3, and creating »

Playing with ECS and making a scheduler

I've been playing with making a service that runs containers via Amazon's Elastic Container Service. This evening I finally got to the point where it was time to start experimenting with schedulers and other such fun-ness. After a few quick tests, it became clear that the scheduler I'm working on might need to have more information to intelligently schedule tasks in the cluster. Let me try to illustrate what I mean Task definition: 100MB ram, less than 1 core, and »

On Deploying Static Web Applications

A few weeks ago I started thinking about how to deploy my new side project. The project consists of a pretty small API written with rails, and a completely separate static React application. For deploying the API I wrote an ansible role that basically replicates the capistrano approach to deploying code. Basically it checks out the latest code from master into a new folder, symlinks in a bunch of persistent files/configuration, and then symlinks the current application directory to »

Shipped: First app lands in the app store

Over the last few years I've attempted to make iphone apps on a few occasions. The first few times was when Objective-C was the only option. I really struggled to fully grok the syntax and concepts of how the language worked, and never really got the hang of things. So while I was attracted to the idea of making an iphone app, I couldn't muster the patience to learn the language that was so different than what I was used »

My first 3D Project

About a month ago I stumbled onto a kickstarter called PlantEnvy: - Initially I was super excited, but then I realized that the campaign was over and it had failed. My company just moved to a new office location and I now have a large desk that is in need of some plants. I immediately thought of PlantEnvy; but again was sad by the fact that the campaign failed and that I couldn't »

Reviving Oblique Strategies

Several years ago I learned about oblique strategies from listening to a talk from Joel Gethin Lewis. His talk was super inspiring for me, and it led me to building a website for oblique strategies that displays one at random. This project was one of the first things I built using ruby when I was first learning how to code, so even though it is extremely trivial to build, it holds a special place in my heart. Unfortunately the site »

Using docker to build and deploy go applications

Go is all of the rage, all my friends are doing it so I feel like I have to do it too... So I've been playing with Go and Docker a bit recently to try and learn more about go and how I can use it for work and side projects. I'm enjoying things so far, and I'm finding interesting tidbits as I go. This is one of them. With go it is easy to build staticly linked binaries which »

CoreOS and Spot Instances just for funzies

Over the last year I've grown quite fond of the idea of spot instances on EC2. The idea that you can spin up a relatively large cluster for almost no money to play around with new technology and tools is amazing. I've been playing with CoreOS and the various cloud_config options for the last few hours, and I was getting sick of having to click through the EC2 console every time I wanted to spin a new cluster based »